What is health?


While certainly true that money can purchase healthcare and medicine, it can’t replace natural health once its’ gone. People’s health is affected by a lot of factors. Environment directly affect a person’s health. All the happenings around us and our circumstances are also main determinants of health.

As far as WHO (World Health Organization) is concerned, WHO says that following factor have a vital impact on our health.

  1. Place (where we live)
  2. Environment
  3. Education
  4. Socioeconomic status
  5. Relation with people
  6. Person’s behavior (Individually)

Criticism by people regarding good or bad health is absolutely wrong.


The house where we live also affects our health. If we live in a vast and beautiful house, it will give us a pleasant feeling. But if our house is narrow, we feel congested and are get botheration. Our location and whole colony has an impact on our health.


Our health is affected by physical environment. If we have pure water, clean air, healthy workplace, we are more likely to enjoy good health as compare to those who have stinking water, dusty and polluted air and unhealthy workplace.


People with higher academic records have a great self-esteem and they can control the level of stress. People with lower education always face a high risk of poor health.

Socioeconomic Status

Rich people normally enjoy good health rather than poor people. Our income affects the health of all members of the family. Money is not only necessary to fulfill our basic needs but also for out desires. If our income is high, we feel relaxed and we can enjoy mental health as well as physical health. On the other hand jobless person are always stressed and can’t enjoy a sound health.

Relation with people

Support and behavior of the people around us also affect our health. Particularly family support is reducing the rate of suicide among adults. The support from family and friends can make us happy and we can enjoy good health. In third world countries, women are not given the rights equal to men. So women always feel depressed and don’t enjoy good health. In this regards, the contribution of family is more important.

Person’s Personal behavior

As we talk about health, a Person’s personal behavior is also important. What we eat, drink and buy affect our health. If we are drug addicted, we can never have a good health. Our physical activities, what we do in our leisure also play a role for our health. If we think positive, we can enjoy good health. But if we indulge ourselves in some type of negative activities, we will destroy our lives.

What are dietary supplements?

(Role Of Food Supplement)


Dietary Supplements Food Supplement can be advantageous to your well being — yet taking supplements can likewise include well being dangers. The U.S. Nourishment and Drug Administration (FDA) does not have the expert to audit dietary supplement items for security and viability before they are advertised.

You’ve found out about Food Supplement, may have utilized them, and may have even prescribed them to companions or family. While some dietary supplements are surely knew and set up, others require additionally ponder. Read on for vital data for you and your family about dietary supplements Food Supplement.

Before settling on choices about whether to take a supplement, converse with your human services supplier. They can enable you to accomplish a harmony between the sustenance’s and supplements you by and by require.

Dietary supplements incorporate such fixings as vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, and proteins. Dietary supplements are showcased in structures, for example, tablets, containers, soft gels, gel caps, powders, and fluids.

What are the advantages of dietary supplements?

A few supplements can help guarantee that you get enough of the key substances the body needs to work, others may help diminish the danger of sickness. However, supplements ought not to supplant finish dinners which are important for a stimulating eating regimen – in this way, make sure you eat an assortment of sustenance’s also.

Not at all like medications, supplements are not allowed to be advertised with the end goal of treating, diagnosing, forestalling or curing infections. That implies supplements ought not to make sickness claims, for example, “brings down elevated cholesterol” or “treats coronary illness.” Claims like these can’t be really made for dietary supplements.

Are there any risks in taking supplements?

Yes. Many supplements contain dynamic fixings that have solid natural impacts in the body. This could make them hazardous in a few circumstances and hurt or confound your well being. For instance, the accompanying activities could prompt unsafe – even perilous – outcomes.

Consolidating supplements
  • Utilizing supplements with drugs (regardless of whether medicine or over-the-counter)
  • Substituting supplements for physician recommended prescriptions
  • Taking excessively of a few supplements, for example, vitamin A, vitamin D, or iron

A few supplements can likewise have undesirable impacts some time recently, amid, and after surgery. Along these lines, make certain to advise your social insurance supplier, including your drug specialist about any supplements you are taking.

Some Common Dietary Supplements are :

  • Calcium
  • Echinacea
  • Fish Oil
  • Ginseng
  • Glucosamine
  • Chondroitin Sulphate
  • Garlic
  • Vitamin D
  • St. John’s Wort
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Ginkgo
  • Green Tea

Who is responsible for the safety of dietary supplements?

FDA is not approved to audit dietary supplement items for wellbeing and adequacy before they are showcased. The makers and wholesalers of dietary supplements are in charge of ensuring their items are protected BEFORE they go to showcase. On the off chance that the dietary supplement contains a NEW fixing, producers must advise FDA about that fixing before showcasing. Be that as it may, the warning might be inspected by FDA (not affirmed) and just for security, not viability.

Makers are required to deliver dietary supplements in a quality way and guarantee that they don’t contain contaminants or polluting influences, and are precisely named by current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and marking directions. On the off chance that a major issue related with a dietary supplement happens, makers must report it to FDA as an antagonistic occasion. FDA can take dietary supplements off the market in the event that they are observed to be hazardous or if the cases on the items are false and deluding.

How can I find out more about the dietary supplement I’m taking?

Dietary supplement marks must incorporate name and area data for the producer or merchant. In the event that you need to find out about the item that you are taking, check with the maker or wholesaler about.

  • Data to help the cases of the item
  • Data on the security and adequacy of the fixings in the item.
  • Be an adroit supplement client.

How can I be a smart supplement shopper?

While hunting down supplements on the web, utilize noncommercial locales (e.g. NIH, FDA, USDA) instead of relying upon data from dealers.

  • On the off chance that cases sound pipe dream, they most likely are. Be aware of item claims, for example, “works superior to (a physician endorsed drug),” “absolutely protected,” or has “no symptoms.”
  • Know that the term common doesn’t generally implies safe.
  • Inquire as to whether the supplement you’re thinking about would be protected and gainful for you.

Keep in mind forget – security first.


More About Health

The word health means the stability of both conditions mentally or physically. If a  person says that he is worried about the health of his parents who are going for hiking, it is clear that he is talking about their physical health.

On the other hand if a mother says that with his workload and deadlines, I am afraid that it will affect the health of my son. This situation refers to metal health.

The words health and health are not only specified for physical and mental conditions but also for other situations. For example we use the term  a healthy economy a healthy society or a healthy enviorment.

We can’t define the word health merely as the absence of disease but a state of complete social well-being.

Mostly people are of the view that health is divided into two aspects.

1-  Physical Health.

If a person is physically healthy, he can enjoy the life whole heatedly. Physical health depends upon the following steps.

  • Exercise
  • Balanced diet
  • Complete sleeping hours
  • Required rest
  • Fresh and pure air

The people who can have all these steps mentioned above, can enjoy physical health and their weight and height is also increased. If we are physically fit, in other words physically healthy, we can have the ability to overcome our depression rather than the person with poor health.

Physical health is divided into two different sections.

  • Body health.

This refers to the structural health as strong bones, muscles and organs etc…

If all parts of body perform well, we are healthy. Our muscular strength and body composition would be better. All the system of body like digestive system, circulatory system and respiratory system will work properly. People sexual behavior also requires a sound and health body condition.

  • Chemical Health .

Our body gets the chemicals from our diet. Some chemicals are already present in our body. If the tissues in our body contain adequate chemicals, our body will work properly. Some chemicals can get into our body through our skin.

These chemicals have both the advantages and disadvantages. The chemical which are in the favor of our body help to perform well. Some chemical  cause disease such as cancer.

2-  Mental Health.

It is known to all of us that a sound body has a sound mind. To perform the different tasks of our daily life, it is necessary to be mentally active and healthy.

According to WHO(world health organization) mental health is that state in which a man knows how to handle the stress and overcome the depression.

A mentally healthy man can perform well and is able to contribute for the well being of socity.

People find ease to define mental illness rather than mental health. Mostly people are of the view that mental health is the other name of absence of mental disorder or mental illness.

Mostly people say that mental health increases the ability to achieve the goal , ability to face the hardships and darkness, ability to e flexible and positive, ability to guard others and ability to feel safe.

What is wellness?

If a person is enjoying physical health and mental health as well, that is called wellness. Wellness maximizes our personal potential. The true wellness creates physically , socially, spiritually and emotionally balance in life.