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Skin Secrets from Top Models

Karlie Kloss 

I like misting my face with rose water in morning. It’s so refreshing. It’s moisturizing and great for the winter when my skin gets really dry.



Joan smalls

In the morning, I always make sure to wash my face with a salicylic acid cleanser and moisturize with a combination of lotion and a night repair cream. I know it’s supposed to be used at night but I like putting it on at daytime because it makes my skin look dewy and glowing.


Lidsey Wixson

For spots I use tea tree oil.

Ranya Mordanova

When I am not working, I only wear concealer I wear makeup just for shoots and shows, I like to be free of it. Concealer is great for hiding the bags under my eyes. I have pale skin and burn easily the sun can be very harsh. I always wear a day cream with SPF.



Mirte Maas

I don’t smoke, and I use moisturizer every day and night. I am not particular about moisturizer as long as it has a UV filter I always wear SPF on my skin to protect against wrinkles. I eat health food. I like to eat big portions but only of healthy things like whole grains, fruits, and vegetable. I ‘ll eat pizza once in a while but if I ate it every day my skin and body would suffer.



When I see that a product is organic I want it. There can be a lot of crap in products, so when I see that something’s organic I trust it more. I also take a lot of vitamins so that my skin looks nicer. I take zinc from what I know, it’s the best for your skin.